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5 star rating

Life saver!

I have been hopelessly looking for app like this for weeks, frustrating myself with orders and spreadsheets, trying to coordinate my driver live, this app saved my life. Is perfect !

Is everything I need at one place there is no one thing i would miss with this app.

Very recommended and I wish people would be able to find this app easier.


5 star rating

Excellent app, very easy to use and it caches the PODs if you’re out of range until you get back in service. I’d love to be able to set taking a new photo as the default option when adding a photo as 99% of the time that’s what I need to do. Having to select add photo, then take a new photo 300 times per day all adds up.

Ashley Glenday

5 star rating

Great for a small business!

Just got this service and the driver app that goes with it. The app seamlessly works with the online portal. I have amazing control and awareness over drivers and all the pickups and deliveries we do each day. Helping me save a lot of money on labor and gas and also improve customer service. All around awesomeness!

Look forward to a long relationship with Detrack.


5 star rating

A Must Have app!

This app is fantastic. Thanks to developer very much for make this app.

Franklin Hicks

5 star rating

We love this app, over the past 2 years, the only issue we have is not enough customers to show it off too, YET! But soon enough. Easy to navigate, and covers your process from beginning to end.


5 star rating

A very easy and simple delivery management app with versatile tools and features.

Prashant Belwalkar

5 star rating

Have any last-mile delivery issues? Detrack will solve all your delivery problems. And then some. An absolute must-have solution for any kind of business with any delivery system.

Iqbal Ghani

5 star rating

Effective software with simple functions available that allows all users to understand and use easily.


5 star rating

Easy to set up and use for both the route planner and the delivery drivers. All the functions work perfectly and seamlessly. They are customisable too. Dashboard and all the tools are user-friendly.


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